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HKU’s international MBA programme is carefully designed to give you a first-class education, real-world experience, deep understanding of international business and sincere appreciation of cultural sensitivities. Our Asia-Pacific focus, in particular, will give you a Exams GMAT Exam The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the admissions process. Take the one business school exam that elevates you from the rest of the pack

GMAT不允許在16天之內進行第二次考試,無論成績是否被取消。官方GMAT備考資料可以從mba.com網店或第三方商家獲得。考試費用為US $250。[20] 考生常使用GMAT官方以及第三方備考資料、在線網絡資源等進行備考。也有不少考生參加第三方GMAT輔導班

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Test takers must schedule their appointment to take the test through the official GMAT Web site at The GMAT is offered year-round and on demand. Registering for the GMAT in Hong Kong To schedule an appointment to take the GMAT in Hong.

Requirements for admission to the full-time HKU MBA programme in partnership with London Business School and Columbia Business School/HKU MBA with China business concentration: 1. Recognised bachelor’s degree 2. Satisfactory GMAT/GRE score 3.

Leading MBA in Finance, Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. World Top 14 & Asia No.2 MBA for Finance, ranked 43rd globally in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018. Top ranked MBA in Asia & Hong Kong. First established MBA program in Asia

6/3/2013 · 專家教路 GMAT滿分為800分,有數據指出,全球平均分為544分,而內地生及港生的平均成績分別約600分及574分,可見香港和內地生成績普遍理想。雖然MBA課程一般沒列明所需的GMAT分數,但行內人(包括考生)都知曉,GMAT起碼700分,才符合申請資格。

申请半年,告一段落,deposit也交了,谈谈我对香港三家的看法,到香港工作四年到,还算有些了解。意见肯定是主观的,有喜好有倾向的,只能尽量客观,不随意诋毁别的学校。1.讨论范围 UST HKU CUHK,在我看来,香港就这三所大学,有的帖子把城大

GMAT考試是報讀任何MBA課程的必需條件﹐一般的MBA學校最低收生要求約600分﹐中上級數在全球有排名的學校要650分﹐至最頂尖的名學校如哈佛﹐史丹福等﹐則需要至680分以上。當然考到680分不等於一定收﹐還要看學歷﹐工作經驗﹐ 推薦信﹐申請文章等。

GMAT Exam Drill is ideal for students who would like to complete their GMAT preparation in a very short period of time as well as for our Kaplan GMAT alumni to review and apply their skills in a fresh and challenging environment. This course covers all of the

7/9/2007 · Course開始咗係因為通常海外報美國嘅MBA會喺12月左近就截止, 咁當然係預你十一月就攪掂個GMAT啦. 你不妨去以下兩間公司嘅網頁, 試吓打去問吓幾時有course. Kaplan喺美國有一對一GMAT補習, 當然貴D啦! 香港唔知有冇, 你都可以問吓. Good luck啦!

GMAT:MBA项目必须提交GMAT成绩,不做最低分要求;其他商科项目不要求,但Highly Recommended。 4.香港城市大学 IELTS:绝大部分项目要求总分不低于6.5,无单项分数要求。法学硕士要求达到总分7.0。

MBA即工商管理碩士(Master of Business Administration,簡稱MBA)是商業界普遍認為晉身管理階層的一塊踏腳石。現時不少學校為了開源,都與世界知名的大學商學院合作,銷售他們的工商管理碩士課程。通常報考MBA都需要有GMAT資歷。工商管理碩士課程分

The validity period for GMAT score results is 5 years from the test date. Applicants should arrange to send the official GMAT scores to the MBA Programs of The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Program code for Part-time CUHK MBA: R9H-0W-08 For more.

A leader in business education in the region, the Faculty of Business Administration provides top quality programmes of study through its two schools and four departments. Its MBA and EMBA programmes are well-recognized internationally and consistently ranked

北京 上海 成都 台北 香港 11-03 IESE MBA 招生官面对面 为什么要读 MBA (上海) 11-02 ESSEC Global MBA 大师公 开课奢侈品品牌管理 (上海) 11-02 香港科技大学 HKUST MBA Open House (香港) 10-28 深圳高等金融研究院招生 宣讲会(厦门) NYU上海 联合

The primary aim of the programme is to provide aspiring managers, from both private and public sectors, a professional education, in which their managerial competence and skills can be elevated, to better enable them to achieve their career goals. The MBA

1.香港mba与其他欧美mba申请类似,并且在亚太区有较好影响力,港中科的mba都是全球TOP30的水平,但是在欧美影响力不如同水平欧美学校 2.申请基本条件,一般都是2-3年以上工作经验(实际平均工作时间在5年左右),GMAT和语言成绩(雅思或托福

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Our Class Our elite program admits only around 100 students per intake, with more than 90% being non-local students representing and over 20 nationalities. The international learning experience we provide clearly sets us apart from other programs in the region.

因為每年舉辦 MBA 高峰論壇,我看過上千位的申請者,好多人問我這個問題 – GMAT 成績要多少才可以申請某某商學院?對台灣人(或亞洲人)而言,考試太重要了,畢竟我們大學以前的一生都在搞這東西;再者,對我們而言,考試太簡單了,畢竟我們有

The primary aim of the programme is to provide aspiring managers, from both private and public sectors, a professional education, in which their managerial competence and skills can be elevated, to better enable them to achieve their career goals. The MBA


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an acceptable GMAT score or the equivalent, subject to the approval of the MBA Programme Director. *Fresh graduates and those with less than three years of work experience will enrol in the full-time mode of the programme. All shortlisted applicants are

HKUST MBAの日本人在校生&卒業生有志によるHKUST MBA(香港科技大商学院MBA)学校紹介サイトです。アジア金融ハブ、中国へのゲートウェイに位置する香港に位置し、世界トップ15(Financial Times)にランクインしている、アジア屈指のMBAビジネススクール、HKUST

MBA Programs Office 14/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building, 12 Chak Cheung Street, Shatin, Hong Kong (One minute walk from MTR University Station) Phone: (852) 3943 7782 Fax: (852) 2603 6289 [email protected] MBA Town Centre Unit B, 1/F, Bank of America

Applicants for the MBA for Professionals (Bi-weekly Part-Time Program) need to have: Bachelor’s degree; Satisfactory GMAT / GRE score*; and We use cookies to ensure you can have the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse our website

1/10/2019 · 北大国发院 2020 MBA 招生咨询会 & 教授职场课 – 北京(10/19) | 一对一咨询 @ QS MBA Tour steven 2019-10-8 0947

An acceptable score in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Applicants with 8 or more years of relevant work experience may apply for exemption from taking GMAT; and A satisfactory performance in the admissions interview.

University of Leicester – Master of Business Administration With the Leicester MBA you learn from a pioneer in global executive education with a strong international reputation. When it launched in 1989, the Leicester MBA was one of the first AMBA accredited



22/9/2019 · ChaseDream是国际商学院申请与职业发展在线交流社区。包括:MBA申请,商科Master/PhD申请,GMAT/TOEFL考试,商学院学习与生活

7/11/2018 · Attend the QS World MBA Tour Hong Kong to meet the world’s top business schools, network with MBA alumni from London Business School, Harvard and Wharton. Learn more about how an MBA can help you achieve career success and how to get into a top business school. You’ll also be able to attend MBA

HKU MBAの日本人在校生有志が紹介するHKU MBA(香港大学MBA)のサイトです。NY、ロンドン、上海での提携校と組み合わせ、グローバルなだけでなく、アジアの金融ハブ、中国、アジアへのゲートウェイに位置する香港で目まぐるしく変わるビジネスを肌で

Welcome to HKUST Business School. We are one of the leading business schools in Asia. Established in 1991, we are young but highly respected, giving us an excellent opportunity to continue defining our history and move forward with unlimited possibilities for

First of its kind in Hong Kong, our EMBA programme nurtures top-notch management talent for tomorrow’s challenges in Hong Kong, the mainland, and beyond. We formed the “six pillars” (Theories, Practices, Internal Network, External Network, Strategic

香港大學(The University of Hong Kong,HKU)是香港最早且最重要的大學,號稱香港第一學府,採用英語作為教學語言。香港大學經濟及工商管理學院由商學院和經濟金融學院所組成。香港大學的MBA課程提供學生一個多國際化卻又高度重視亞洲地區商業經濟的學習

Program fee for KH23 (Class of 2021) is HK$1,439,900 (US$183,500), covering faculty teaching, books and course materials, accommodations and meals for all weekends at HKUST, the live-in at Kellogg and one other international elective.