bloodstained ritual of the night mod

This mod changes the double jump effect, that spawns from her back, to wings inspired by OoE.3 version of the mod is available.Wings – Fully opaque.Wings Transparent – Wings with an additive effect.Wings Alucard – Alucard colour palette

Here is that test mod. It is indeed full nude Miriam but she doesn’t have textures on her nipples. Also model has deformations in some animations. To install just drop that file in “Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks” On the side note – the Is anyonemaliwei777 is supposedly working on one And can be edited with UE 4.16 if you are willing to do it yourself.’s good to know, Maliwei always delivers. Is that the same guy that’s on the chinese forums? Duh, that’s where your link leads too.Wow, he already made a nude mod! I can’t login because of the chinese captcha, though!dont worry its just a progress picture lol. its not an actual mod behind that picture, its just a jpegOh, thanks for telling me. I was about to try and make another account for 3dm to get into it.Can you post the picture here? I would like to see it. Cant load 3dm for some reason.are someone can mod change short pants to pantsu ?