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25/9/2013 · Moshe, Welcome to the forum I don’t think you can open x_t (parasolid) files directly in eDrawings You can open in SW and save as either part/assembly file or eDrawing Moshe, what exactly you want to do with the parasolid file. As John stated you can open

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開啟您要輸出為 Parasolid 檔案的 SolidWorks 文件。 按一下 檔案 > 另存新檔。另存新檔 對話方塊出現。 將 存檔類型 設定為 Parasolid (*.x_t) 或 Parasolid Binary (*.x_b),然後按一下 選項。 輸出選項 對話方塊出現,且在 Parasolid 標籤上已選取 檔案格式。

インポート Parasolid トランスレータは、Parasolid テキスト ファイルまたはバイナリ ファイルを、SOLIDWORKS ドキュメントとしてインポートします。 Parasolid トランスレータは、.x_t、.x_b、.xmt_txt、.xmt_bin の拡張子を持つファイルをインポートします。

solidworks edrawings 2010这个只是solidworks附属的一个软件而已,它是画和二维图的,和CAD差不多,它并不是solidworks。你要打开X_T后缀的文件应该要用solidworks2010打开才行,如果我没记错的话,x_t后缀的文件应该是叫parasolid吧。

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.x_t 是 UG (Unigraphics)、SolidEdge、SolidWorks 等三维实体设计软件输出的(一般是高版本输出的低版本)的一种工业标准格式文件。 加了 .x_t 后缀名的文件是 UG (Unigraphics) 输出的(一般是高版本输出的低版本)的一种 UG 文件,其实 UG 大家都以为它的

Parasolid 檔案 (*.x_t, *.x_b) 輸出至 Parasolid 格式或從 Parasolid 格式輸入的資料將保持其於 塗彩 模式中顯示的色彩。 輸入和輸出時組合件中的零組件名稱均被保留。 Parasolid 轉換琵式不支援點資料的輸入或輸出。 Parasolid 轉換程式支援曲線及線架構的輸入及

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You can also open an X_T file with Notepad in Windows or with any other free text editor, but these programs are only useful if you need to see the header data of the X_T file. This information includes the date the file was created, the OS used, and some information

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5/10/2011 · 最近有幾個文件都是x_t檔 要用哪個軟體開呢? 我下載了一個Exchange 2012 可是他不適用於windos XP 例如:Inventor、Solidworks、Pro-e、CATIA 2011-10-10 23:40:13 補充: Solidworks請去各大論壇搜尋一下看看吧 或者 去Autodesk的學生論壇 可以使用

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13/6/2017 · I have users that have been able to double-click the file in older versions of SolidWorks – such as 2015. After upgrading to 2016 and now 2017, they are unable to do this. Typically it is easier for them to double-click the file then go through the Menu Open option. I

solidworks 打开igs stp x_t需要注意的几点问题 12/21 solidworks routing 里如何制做管道弯头 SW步路管道设计 10/18 solidworks routing 里如何制做管道 直通接头 SW步路管道设计 10/18 solidworks标准插件之迈迪三维设计工具集 08/04 呆梅两用扳手 11/04

Parasolid also provides wide-ranging graphical and rendering support, including hidden-line, wireframe and drafting, tessellation and model data inquiries. When exported from the parent software package, a Parasolid commonly has the file extension .x_t.

采用X-T作扩展名的文件,是Parsald格式的文件,目前的SolidWorks、SolidEdge采用 Parasld为核心,可以生成或打开X-T文件,另外,MasterCAM中也可识读这种文件 3D图如果在各个软件之间转换的话, 可用IGES格式进行转换,但是转出来的是曲面。

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solidworks 2018 如何导入STEP IGS x-t 等格式? solidworks2018 如何开启小金球(Realview)/ SW渲染特效/realhack SolidWorks如何新建视图? solidworks不显示缩略图解决办法 solidworks怎么设置零件模板,装配体模板,工程图模板,材质数据库,焊件切割清单


使用SolidWorks的设计师都知道,三维数据交流和格式转换通常情况下离不开中间格式的作用,在SOLIDWORKS中可使用的导入导出格式非常多,其中以x_t \ IGS \ STEP三种最具代表性。但是你知道导出哪种格式最好吗?最能够降低模型的失真破面?

現在開啟您的.X_T檔案! (Open X_T File) FileViewPro 可以快速、輕鬆地開啟任何.X_T檔案 開啟所有.X_T格式 的檔案 簡單的拖放介面 由 Microsoft 合作夥伴開發 可開啟 150+ 種檔案格式 不需要其它軟體! 下載.X_T

Hey does anyone have a good (and free) x_t file viewer so I could get the dimensions of a part assembly easier than using 3D viewer?? The Computer-Aided Design (“CAD”) files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed

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r/SolidWorks: ALL posts related to SOLIDWORKS are welcome. Share what you know. Learn what you don’t. You may be able to just drag and drop the file into SW. I know you can do that with some file types, not sure if .x_t is one of them though.


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SolidWorks是达索系统(Dassault Systemes S.A.)旗下的SolidWorks公司开发的,运行在微软Windows平台下的3D机械CAD软件。SolidWorks是热门的CAD软件之一[2]:截至2011年第一季度,全球约有150多万工程师,设计师和约15万家公司是SolidWorks的用户。2010年其总收入达到4.17

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SOLIDWORKS Premium に関心をお寄せいただき、ありがとうございます SOLIDWORKS をさらに試したい場合、代理店に連絡して 7 日間のフル SOLIDWORKS オンライン評価またはデスクトップ評価をリクエストしてください。現在、代理店との連携がない場合は

22/9/2018 · in this tutorial video i will make 90 degree Pipe Elbow in Solidworks and you will learn sketch, Swept boss base, how to make threads and fillet. 1)Solidwork


24/9/2015 · Part 1 of a two-part series looking at DimXpert within Solidworks to dimension, tolerance, and apply GD&T to your models.

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2011-09-06 用solidworks怎么打开x_t后缀的文件 34 2015-03-10 solidworks怎么打开xt文件?求步骤 4 2013-09-20.x_t格式文件如何打开? 43 2013-11-15 在SW中如何打开后缀X_T文件? 5 2017-06-19 怎样打开solidworks文件 1 2013-11-10 X_t后缀是什么文件,用 3

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解决 Solidworks “默认模版无效”问题的方法 最近在 64 位系统中安装了 solidworks2012,其余都正常,但是用 solidworks 打开“.x-t” 、 “.step” 等格式文件时,就在打开的界面上出现了“默认模版无效,通过修改选项对话框中的默认模版,可以 解决此问题, 您要继续

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8/11/2013 · Once you finished modifying your part, if you still have options for freezing the feature tree (so the rebuild time will be zero), or completely removing the history by saving the model in a neutral format (I prefer Parasolid X_T) and re-importing it back in SolidWorks.

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16/3/2011 · Rich, I looked at your profile after posting the previous message. I didn’t consider that you were a fabricator. In my mind, if you are making changes to the customer’s models, you are opening yourself up to some risk. What is the driving document that the

Parasolid-Dateien für Parts erhalten normalerweise die Dateierweiterung *.x_t (Textdateien, mit einem Editor im Klartext lesbar) oder – seltener – *.x_b (Binärdateien).


28/1/2011 · I got a X_t file from a company which designed something for me. Now I want to change some parts in it (using SW2010), but when I click edit feature (at one of the imported#-called parts) Solidworks asks for a IGES-file. Is it not possible to edit the parts of this file?

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18/9/2019 · Hi all, I have an x_t file that is composed of multiple parts but as I open the file the model has only surfaces (with 1000 faults) and the parts are all attached. How can I turn it into an assembly? I need to be able to hide parts and measure different relations between

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Free online 2D and 3D CAD viewer. It supports AutoCAD DWG/DXF, STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, STL, SAT (ACIS®), Parasolid (x_t, x_b), SolidWorks (sldprt), PLT, SVG, CGM and other formats. With its help you can view your drawing or 3D model in any